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AD Homework Help. Where are they from?

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Why did they come? Viking Where did the Vikings come from?

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Who were the Vikings? When did they invade Britain? Where did the Vikings settle in Britain?

What religion did the Vikings follow? What were Viking houses like?

Viking at School

What were Viking clothes like? Administration is now planning on changing our beloved mascot from a Viking to a Boat the next coming school year. We will remain the Vikings but instead have a photo of a boat represent us, not a Viking. Not only is the Viking our mascot, the Viking is a symbol of unity in the North Shore community.

Wether you live in Sea Cliff, Glenwood Landing or Glen Head, wether you are new to the district or have been living in the community for years I believe that we can put our differences aside and collectively agree that the Viking needs to stay.

Please help us keep our mascot by signing this petition , I know that my fellow students and I would appreciate it very much. We process your information in accordance with our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Join Alejandra and 4, supporters today.

Garey High School Viking Marching Band at the 2019 Mt. Carmel Tournament of Bands

Lets go Vikings!