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It takes time to appreciate and enjoy life and all of its simple beauties. It takes time to stop and listen to the voice of our true selves. It takes time to develop our gifts and talents. It takes time to learn and grow.

It takes time to develop and nurture meaningful relationships. And in making time for all of these, money is a great help. Money can also give us a measure of freedom from the control of others and in this respect is more important today than ever. Throughout most of human history, one did not need money to live, that is, for the basic necessities of life. The big shot might be a boss for whom you do soul-draining, monotonous work—or a landlord or mortgage-holding bank, whom you must pay for the privilege of a little peace and quiet. In as much as money is an important factor in determining the time we have to enjoy life and the power and freedom we have in it, the pursuit of money is a worthy goal.

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On the other hand, if we are looking to money to fulfill or satisfy us, we are sure to be disappointed. In lacking money, we too often think a lack of money is our only problem. Money can give us the time to appreciate the simple things in life more fully, but not the spirit of innocence and wonder necessary to do so.

Money can give us the time to develop our gifts and talents, but not the courage and discipline to do so. Money can give us the power to make a difference in the lives of others, but not the desire to do so. Money can give us the time to develop and nurture our relationships, but not the love and caring necessary to do so.

Money can just as easily make us more jaded, escapist, selfish, and lonely. In short, money can help to free or enslave us, depending on why we want it and what we do with it. In this respect, nothing has changed in the two thousand years since Horace wrote, "Riches either serve or govern the possessor. Money is a relatively simple issue. There are only two important questions: 1 How much do you need?

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If we have less than what we need, or if what we have is costing us too much—in either case, our experience of abundance will be incomplete. As things stand in the modern world, you need money to eat, sleep, dress, work, play, relate, heal, move about, and keep the government off your back. In what style you choose to do each of these will determine how much money you need, that is, your lifestyle.

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Remember in choosing your style that it comes with a price tag. How much money it costs is not the issue, but how much the money costs you is of critical importance. Keep in mind:. Money should not cost you your soul. Money should not cost you your relationships. Money should not cost you your dignity. Money should not cost you your health. Money should not cost you your intelligence. Money should not cost you your joy. When it comes to determining how much you need, there are two important categories to keep in mind. First, there are the material things you need to keep body and soul together.

Second are the areas of "need" related to social status and position. With both, you have a great deal of discretion. The ancient Taoist masters were keenly aware of the cost of money and were particularly skeptical of the cost of attaining social status and position. In the Lieh Tzu, Yang Chu says:. In the short time we are here, we should listen to our own voices and follow our own hearts. Why not be free and live your own life? Why, indeed? In a recent study, 48 percent of the male corporate executives surveyed admitted that they felt their lives were empty and meaningless.

When one considers the cultural taboos against such an admission, the figure is surprisingly high and leads one to conclude that the real number must be higher still. Yet this is often only a reaction to the drudgery of working day after day at things they find meaningless or even absurd. One day, I received a phone call from a man halfway around the world who, at forty-five, had never worked a day in his life.

As a beneficiary of a sizable inheritance, he was free of the need to earn his daily bread. Yet he was not a happy man. Indeed, he was deeply troubled by the fact that so much of his life had gone by without his having expressed his own talents or made a difference in the lives of others. Like good health, spiritual growth, and nourishing relationships, meaningful work is one of the abundances of life that we neglect at our peril.

The Tao of Abundance is more wholistic in its scope, addressing the entire issue of quality of life, and not simply financial goals. Because the psychological dimension is so important to our experience of abundance, it is addressed at length in The Tao of Abundance.

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The eight Taoist principles discussed in the book provide powerful keys to embracing and integrating a psychology of abundance. The first two chapters lay a groundwork for overcoming the sense of alienation and separation that are the underpinnings of a psychology of lack. Solutions for an Abundant Life 12 week course. Enroll for Solutions for an Abundant Life online before this offer ends, and receive and additional bonus!

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I would not be married to my incredible husband, living my happily ever after, if I would not have taken Solutions. It was the beginning of my healing process. This class will melt through the pain. Solutions for an Abundant Life has moved people into their destiny. Mama is teaching and ministering from a kind and loving mother's heart, with abundant joy! Our grown children have benefited greatly as they left their faith as a result of being wounded by us but now have been returning to the Lord as they see and experience the healing process in their mom and dad's lives. Churches and Families Take Solutions Together.

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It has moved people into their destiny. It is a rare jewel. Come on and enjoy this life you have been given. Now is your season for Freedom. Find the clarity, peace of mind and confidence you need to stop doubting yourself and move towards the bright future you dream of. You feel overwhelmed, uncertain and stuck where you are in life. You feel like something is missing and life is passing you by.

You want to feel connected to a purpose and make a difference in the world however small or big. You want to create deep, meaningful and mutually fulfilling relationships. You want to stop second guessing your choices and settling for less than you deserve. You want to feel free to express yourself authentically, and show up as your best self. You want a sure way to move forward and take actionable steps without losing the good things you already have. The experience will feel safe, nurturing and completely free from judgment. Have the framework, foundation and tools to create your best life as you move forward.

Have the confidence to show up fully as your true self and go after your deepest desires without fear of judgment or rejection. Have a compassionate, authentic and loving relationship with yourself and know how to attract the right relationships and circumstances to keep you inspired.

Have the clarity to follow your intuition, make decisions and take intentional and soul-aligned action without second guessing yourself. Understand exactly how to resolve any conflicts that arise and have a toolbox of practices and skills to move through triggers and fears with compassion, honesty and grace. She takes the time to hear you, see you and help you. The entire program is based online so you can participate from anywhere in the world. Enrolment is now closed. Join the Waitlist! Leah Brathwaite.

Want to create an abundant life that feels good in your Soul? If you found your way to this page, chances are something deep inside guided you here.