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Celestial Sphere Spirit. Rescuing the Princess. Matiu will distract the guards, feeding them into a stupor — for everyone knows that delicious food is quickly followed by a strong sleep. The guards have eaten their fill and fallen asleep. Ancient Spring. With your help, Matiu has whisked away the princess from her captivity and taken her far from the warring tribes.

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Celestial Sphere Idol Before leaving the island, you can complete an additional task and receive a unique decoration as a reward — the Celestial Sphere Idol. Gear for Matiu Rope Ladder Planks Emerald Florin 20 50 5 Ancient Spring With your help, Matiu has whisked away the princess from her captivity and taken her far from the warring tribes. Have more questions?

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Powered by Zendesk. Resources necessary to save Matiu from the trap. Rope Ladder. Inner Circle Fragment. Stolen by the formidable Wild Baboon Leader. Central Luminary Fragment. Found at the bottom of the Forest Pond.

The Oracles of Troy

Farther Planets Fragment. Hidden in the Oracle Chest. Water Wheel.


Brass Gear. White Marble Tile. Fish Pot Pie. Fruit Cocktail. There is not a question relating either to duty or salvation to which there is not here an answer.

Are you an inquirer? There is the oracle. Consult it; for "it shall speak, and shall not lie. Infinite importance. On those questions which are merely curious the oracle is silent, but on no subject which it behoves us to know, e.

Hence they are called "lively" or living oracles, or as our Lord says, "The words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life. Show me one which all the wicked fear; which cuts deep into the conscience, and rouses salutary fears; which comforts and supports; and whilst its blessed truths quiver on the lips of the dying, disarms death of its sting.

Show me a man who, when he discourses, awakens souls from deadly sleep; who to a trembling spirit says, "Believe, and live," and he actually believes and lives; whose counsel effectually guides, quickens, and comforts; and you show me one who speaks only as the oracles of God. Among all who have been celebrated for oratory, who ever professed to produce effects like these?

Nothing explains this but the life which the Spirit imparts. With the oracles of God the Author is present. You cannot avoid this power. It will make the Word either "a savour of life unto life, or a savour of death unto death.


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They make all other oracles vocal. In heathendom the very heavens are turned into idols, and God is excluded from the thoughts of men. But whenever the living oracles come, then every star, and mountain, and river, proclaims its glorious Maker: "day unto day uttereth speech.

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Yet all this is unknown to those who are destitute of the Divine oracles. To them it appears that one event happens to all. Every occurrence is either attributed to chance, to blind fate, or to the caprice of deities without Wisdom, and without mercy. The living oracle gives a voice to all this. Instructed by it we mark the design of God, "who worketh all in all.