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The extent of her readership can perhaps be best compared to that of another female Gothic author who came almost exactly two centuries later, J. What is strange, though, is that despite the incredible popularity of Gothic novels in their own day and the resurgence of scholarly interest in the Gothic in the late 20th century, the vast majority of these works remained out of print and accessible only on microfiche or in a few rare book collections.

It is for this reason that I founded Valancourt Books: to restore access to these wonderful books at affordable prices. We believe that the great novels of the past still have the power to thrill and interest modern readers and should remain in print. The press was founded in late and now has nearly 70 titles in print, including not only Gothic novels, but also rare sensation and supernatural novels from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Few people at that time could afford to purchase their own books, so most people subscribed for a small fee to a circulating library, which stocked all the current popular fiction, just as our free public libraries do today.

This enabled multiple borrowers at a circulating library to be reading the same novel at the same time. But unfortunately, the horrid novels, like other popular fiction of the period, were passed from hand to hand so many times and were constructed of fairly flimsy materials, such that the books were literally read to pieces and discarded.

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In the s, Montague Summers attempted to republish the whole set, but only two of the novels ever appeared. In , Devendra Varma oversaw an edition of the seven novels, published by the Folio Press and now virtually unobtainable. Valancourt Books is now in the process of republishing these seven elusive works; five have already appeared.

Most critics argue that she was simply ridiculing them. I think, though, this is a short-sighted view. If she had merely wanted to express disdain for trashy novels, she could have picked, for example, a truly bad novel like The Animated Skeleton In fact, the novels she chose are among the best and most interesting of the Gothic novels. In some respect, then, we can see Austen as an early literary critic, in singling out the Gothic novels she and her father had read and enjoyed.

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Without further ado, the following are the horrid novels. The first five are in print in scholarly editions from Valancourt Books; the final two will appear in Castle of Wolfenbach by Eliza Parsons. Parsons was comparatively old when she began publishing. She was driven to write to support her family after her husband died prematurely when his business failed.

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She churned out novels and plays in great quantity, including the important early Gothic Castle of Wolfenbach. The castle turns out not to be haunted, after all: the supposed ghost is the Countess of Wolfenbach, shut up for eighteen years by her murderous husband. As the novel unfolds, both women must avoid their cruel persecutors, and Matilda must uncover her own true parentage so she can marry her lover.

Clermont by Regina Maria Roche. Roche was an Irish novelist who was often compared-not usually favourably-with Radcliffe.

In Clermont , Madeline Clermont lives with her reclusive and mysterious father until she goes to live for a time with his old friend, the Countess de Merville. By admin October 3, No Comments Biographical. Ronald Brown served as Secretary of Commerce from until his death in a plane crash Burden of Ashes download epub www.

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