The Best Trapezius Exercises Youve Never Heard Of: Build and Strengthen Your Traps

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A physique completely lacking forearm and trapezius development simply does not show ideal symmetry. The traps and forearms are visible from all angles, so you can't hide them by adapting a new posing style! Poor traps will make your deltoids and lats look bad, and small forearms will take away from your total arm development. If you have great trap and forearm development, the judges may not fully appreciate this, and it won't be the reason you win. It will give you some extra points, though, because it adds symmetry.

Another thing that is important to realize is that if you lack these muscles, the judges will not ignore it, and it will give your competitors an edge. For non-competitive bodybuilders, there is just as much incentive to fully train the forearms and traps- they are both muscles that make you look freakishly big in a T-shirt. Building massive traps is a lot easier for some then it is for others, a few factors are involved. For example, People with squared shoulders have a much harder time building an impressive set of traps than someone with sloping shoulders, another consideration is genetics, some people's arms grow like mad but can't put mass on their legs easily, some people have a massive chest but small arms etc.

Same goes for traps, some people's traps grow to an impressive size with no direct works, and others just can't seem to add any mass to theirs even after a lot of direct work. I myself have very broad squared shoulders but through trial and error I have been able to really pack some serious mass onto my traps. So I will go over a few of the exercises, and techniques I used that finally made them grow. When I first started training my traps I did shrugs for my traps doing slow and controlled reps on the positive and negative parts of the lift.

After doing this for about a year switching between barbell, and dumbbells I didn't see much of an improvement. I thought maybe I was genetically cursed with small traps. But I decided I wasn't going to give up that easily and made some changes that for me made a huge difference.

7 Best Traps Muscle images | Shoulder workout, Gym workouts, Weight training

Instead of going slow and controlled on both parts of the shrug I started exploding up with the weight then pausing at the top of the movement for 2 seconds then a 3 second negative. By doing this I was able to use a lot more weight, and was able to add a lot more weight every week and I immediately began seeing improvement in my traps.

After a few months of training this way I was finally starting to build my traps the way I wanted. That was the beginning from there I found a few other things that worked well for me.

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Here are some of them. The standard shrug is performed by grasping the bar with a shoulder width, or slightly wider grip and shrugging the shoulders straight up, and down. Do not roll your shoulders A good guide to go by is you try to touch your shoulders to your ears, don't worry if you can't touch your ears with your shoulders but that is the basic motion.

Close grip shrugs are great for building height to your traps. I like to keep my hands as close together as is comfortable usually about 6 inches apart again explosive positive, 2 second pause at top the 3 second negative. These are very effective at hitting the front part of the traps.

A lot of people don't do them because their ass gets in the way of smoothly shrugging the bar up. I have that problem myself; I overcame this by leaning back against a power rack. Leaning back at a very slight angle makes a world of difference as far as the ass interference goes. I never see anyone doing these but they are an excellent variation of the shrug.

Dumbbell shrugs are my favorite shrug movement. To me they feel the most natural, and you can do front, side, and rear shrugs with the dumbbells. These are a great addition to any trap workout. Here is another effective trap movement I rarely see performed.

It hits the delts as well as the traps. It is performed by lifting the bar over your head as if you were at the top of a shoulder press keeping the arms locked at the top position, and then shrugging the shoulders straight just as you would a standard shrug. These are done by simply getting in a standing calf machine, getting yourself lined up with the pads on your shoulders, and shrugging your shoulders straight up and down. The thing I really like about these is that they really isolate your traps.

The degree shrugs thicken the middle traps, and rhomboids like nothing else. Simply lay face down on a degree angled bench grab a couple of dumbbells and shrug the weight straight up and down. Cables a great variation, and are an awesome way hitting the traps from some different angles. If you stand directly over the pulley you will hit the traps from the same angle as standard shrugs, take a step back and you will be putting the emphasis on the back of the traps a little more, take two steps back and you will shift most of the tension on the middle traps.

These are another favorite of mine. You have the natural grip you get from dumbbells, with the heavy poundage's of barbell shrugs. These are done just by using a shrug-bar. Ok that about covers it for shrugs.

I just want to point out that all of these will put some awesome mass on the forearms as well. Not only are deadlifts one of the best exercises for adding overall thickness to the traps, deads are probably the single best exercise for adding mass, Talk about a compound exercise, it hits almost every muscle in your body. If your back is healthy and adding slabs of mass to your frame is your goal then deads are defiantly your friend. Upright rows are a controversial exercise that's not for everybody.

A Trapezius Workout on Smith Machines

Some people injure their rotator cuff very easily with this exercise; others can do it for years with no problems. For that reason it is best that you start with a low weight and work your way up. If you start experiencing any pain in your rotator cuffs then stop the exercise immediately and find something else to replace it. Rotator injuries are no fun and most people who train have injured their s at one time or another. Something that most people don't realize is that rotator cuff injuries most often are not quick complete tears but rather are micro tears that in time build up scar tissue and eventually cause an impingement.

This can often require surgery to remove the scar tissue. But to those who are fortunate enough to not have problems with this exercise, it is an excellent addition to any trap routine. They can be done with a straight bar, ez-curl bar, or you can do a cable variation with a low pulley. The farmers walk is a very effective trap exercise that is performed by picking up a pair of heavy ass dumbbells and walking with them until your grip fails watch your toes doing them this way will also hit your forearms quite well. If you want to isolate your traps with this one use your lifting straps, or hooks.

Pick two of these exercises and do 4 sets of each at reps per set. When you are done your traps will be ready to explode with new growth. Also you can up the intensity with all but deadlifts by utilizing all the different techniques you use on other exercises.

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These are a huge favorite of mine and they can be done in a couple of ways one way is to use a light weight that you can get reps with without stopping, the other way is to use a heavier weight preferably one you can get 50 reps with without stopping then taking 5 deep breaths, cranking out as many more as you can then 5 deep breaths, repeating this till you reach reps. Drop sets are another common technique for really adding intensity to exercises, and trap exercises are no exception.

Use these to increase the effectiveness of any of the trap exercises. Supersets are a great way to not only shock the traps into new growth they are a great way to shorten the duration of your workouts. They are done by doing two exercises back to back with no rest period in between. Use straps or hooks while doing your trap exercises. You will be removing the forearms from the equation, but you will be able to handle far greater weight for the given exercises. A lot of people say it is not good to do because you miss out on the forearm involvement, but you will be throwing plenty of work their way when you do your forearm routine.

There is no sense in limiting the weight you use to stimulate your traps by what your grip can manage.

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Ok there you have it, everything you need to know to build yourself an impressive set of Traps. Forearms are not most people's favorite part to train, mainly because most of the exercises for them are uncomfortable to say the least, but they are a site to behold when they are built up properly. I am going to go over some exercises that should allow you to do just that. Though forearms are a fairly small muscle group, they can be hit many different ways, and your forearm muscles control the movement of your wrist, which can move 4 different ways, your grip, not only that, it assists in bending the arm at the elbow.

Ok so now that you are familiar with all the different actions of the forearm lets get started learning some exercises for them. Wrist curls are a good forearm isolation movement, now as I said earlier the wrist bends 4 different ways but many people only do them supinated palms up , or pronated palms down which is good but we don't want good, we want great. Then keeping my arm in the same position I proceed to curl my wrist up as though I was trying to hit a nail but with out using my arm.

Next I take that same dumbbell with the weight loaded on one side and hold it in my hand as I raise my arm still in the hammer grip position. Ok now that my arm is straight up in the air I curl my wrist again as if I was trying to hammer an imaginary nail into the ceiling without moving my arm.

Reverse curls are probably the best exercise for hitting your brachioradiallis, they are performed by grabbing the bar about shoulder width with a pronated palms down grip and curling the bar up.