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When a man is deeply thinking, remembering, contemplating, we find him naturally closing his eyes.


Whenever we wink both the eyelids close together and what we are seeing is at least technically veiled from the seer in the eye. The famous garland of Vishnu is called Vaijayantee. The laws of spiritual living can be disobeyed for a long time without any tyrannical onslaught, unlike the law of physical nature, which is blind and uncompromising. Fire knows no mercy. But Narayana, the Great Vishnu, is kind and considerate the while He expresses the Truth of Life eloquently at all times around us. In His Large-heartedness, He has enough paternal kindness to overlook our trespasses.

Also the One, wh0 leads Agra the entire pilgrim- age-the Guide. He moves ahead and following His footsteps, keeping Him in our gaze, faithfully following Him, we shall reach the Goal and thus He is called as the leader, Vishnu. Consciousness has all these three, and therefore, Sreemaan means the Self, the Lord.

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In the spiritual world, it connotes logical arguments Tarka and lines of contemplation Yukti , which help us in arriving at the absolute experience indicated in the Sruti, are together called Nyaaya. All living creatures are His manifestations and He Himself is the One who has become the many. Here the term Sahasra means innumerable. In short, Maha Vishnu is the Pure Self, ever Immaculate and totally Free from all the sorrows of the constant modifications taking place apparently in the Prakriti.

The Self is veiled away from direct experience of all Jeevas. This intellectual state of non-apprehension Aavarana creates the agitation Vikshepa which is the cause for the misapprehensions of Truth as the sad and sorrowful world of imperfections. Thus veiled, lies the Truth today to the seeker, and that Glorious spiritual Centre is Vishnu. The one who dynamises the day and lends the enchantment of joy to all living creatures is the Sun. The Mighty Truth, who, in the form of the Sun, gives life to all and lends this energy to them to act, is Vishnu.

One, who is worshipped at the altar as the God of gods, was Fire in the Vedic period. Invoking the various deities, oblations were poured into the Fire in Vedic ritualism and Lord Fire is entrusted with the duty of conveying the oblations to the appropriate deities Invoked by the devotee. In short, Vishnu is the Omniscient Lord, who conveys appropriate Karma-phala to the Kartaa doer and thus fulfils all actions of everybody, at all times.

Anilah —This term has four distinct meanings. All of them are appropriate here. Dharaneedharah -One who supports Dharah the earth Dharanee. The field of our experiences is the earth, and for all our earthly experiences, Consciousness is at once the very substratum and the very Illuminator.


In the Light of Consciousness alone, the web of happenings around is held together to provide us with our experiences. Suprasaadah -One who is full of the Supreme Grace and who, so little, so easily, becomes so entirely satisfied. Even to those who can remember Him, even if it be in a spirit of constant and faithful antagonism, His Grace is readily available.

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In Bhaagavata we read Pootanaa, who tried to poison Him, Kamsa, who planned to murder Him, or Sisupaala, who falsely accused Him-all of them were ultimately rewarded by the Lord. The Supreme is ever-pure because, It is untouched by the sorrows lived by matter, when matter is ruled over by its gunas. In Geeta we read that the cause for all the sorrows of the individuality Jeeva is the attachment with matter and its various imperfect conditions Gunas.

Visvadhrik -As a Mighty Source of all existence in every thing and every being, He is the Supporter Dhrik of the total world of all perceptions, all emotions and all thoughts Visva. Herein the Supporter and the supported being essentially one, no calamity comes to the Lord by the increase in population. Ocean, the supporter of the waves, can never feel bothered by the stormy surface and the consequent increase in the number of waves.

Visvabhuk -The One who enjoys or swallows Bhuk all experiences Visva.

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The Supreme Consciousness apparently conditioned by the mind and intellect is the experiencer of the joys and sorrows. Vibhuh -One who manifests Himself in an endless variety of forms. Though essentially the Infinite is One, Non-Dual and All-Pervading, the Reality, when viewed through the equipments of mind-and-intellect Maayaa seems to have apparently become the pluralistic world. Satkartaa -One who revels and adores those who are good and wise. His palace is ever lit up with His hospitality and He Himself presides over the loving reception of the righteous. Saadhuh -One, who functions strictly according to the righteous code of living is a Saadhuh Atman, the Self, is the Mighty Presence, which apparently lends intelligence and capacity to inert matter.

The Supreme Saadhu is Vishnu Himself. Jahnuh -leader of men; the One who leads all creatures along the path of an inexorable law-the law of action and reaction, the rhythm of Karma. Irresistibly, the good is led, by his own subjective disharmony, dashes to reach a hell made by himself for himself.

Naaraayanah -This simple sacred word has an endless number of direct and indirect meanings, imports and suggestions, and Vyasa seems to have explored almost all its possibilities. The Shelter Ayanam for man Nara is Naaraayana.

The term Nara implies the ego-centric individuality and a large collection of them is called Naara and the One who is the sole refuge for the entire living creatures is called Naaraayanah. Nara also means Eesvara and the elements Tattvas born out of Him are called Naara; and One who is the controller, the regulator, the very source of all Existence. According to the picture painted in the Puranas of the Deluge, wherein the names, and forms devolve themselves into their elemental waters, the Lord is objectively described as lying alone upon the waters, the Eternal baby, floating upon a banyan leaf.

Asankhyeyah is one who has numberless names and forms. The infinite variety of things and beings that constitute the manifested Universe are all His Own Form, and hence He is indeed numberless, whom He expresses Himself as the Universe. Of boundless forms on every side with numberless arms, stomachs, mouths and eyes-neither end nor middle, nor beginning do I see, O Lord of the Universe.

Something that is other than the three bodies, something other than the five kosas, something definitely different from the finite world of perishable things is the Infinite Self-which cannot be defined in terms of either the waking or the dream or the sleep conditions. The Self is something other than all these:. This Supreme-most Troth is Maha Vishnu. The goal of His administration is the protection of the good Sishtah.

Maha Vishnu is the Governor of all, and the Protector of the good. Suchih -One who is Pure. The immaculate Reality which is never contaminated by the Maayaa and its by- products is Maha Vishnu.

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When dirt Mala exists upon anything, it becomes unclean. Theyare Righteousness in conduct, Dharma , Wealth and Possession Artha , desires and ambitions Kaama , liberation from imperfections Moksha. One who gains all that He wishes for, or One who immediately gains what He wills is called Siddha-sankalpah.

Ordinarily we fail to gain what we demand because of the disintegration within ourselves. Siddhiddah -One who is the Giver of the appropriate reward for all actions, for those who are doing spiritual practices.

Lord Narayana is the great Universal Power that brings about the reward for all actions. Siddhi-Saadhanah -One who is the very secret force which enables the seeker to diligently continue all efforts of his seeking. It is also interpreted by some as the One Mighty Reality, to worship at whose altar is the very means Saadhana for all achievements Siddhi , and this is Sri Narayana. One who showers all Dharmas is called Vrishabhah. In short, one who showers glowing health, burning devotion and thrilling silence on all sincere seekers and faithful devotees is Vrishabhah; and He is Sri Narayana.

Vishnuh -All-Pervading: Long-Strident. We had already explained this term earlier 2. Vrishaparvaa -We had already explained that Vrisha means Dharma.

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The idea here is the seat of all-creative thinking is resting on a psychic, centre, roughly indicated by the navel, and hence we find the description that the total Creator of the universe is sustained and held aloft at the navel of Maha Vishnu. Vardhanah -One who is the nurturer and nourisher everywhere, at all levels of life, both material and spiritual. Himself to measure under His three steps the whole universe. Every standing apart from everything.

With reference to the dream and the dreamer, the waker is, we knew, indeed, separate. Similarly the world of names and forms and its joys and sorrows, passions and lusts, smiles and tears, though they all play in the Self, the Supreme is not affected by them. One who thus remains alone and apart, in His Own Majesty and perfection, even when the world-of-Maayaa is heaving about is Viviktah.