Körperliche Fremdheit und Körperkult (German Edition)

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This alliance of patriarchal hearth and the body cult conspiracy still defines and continues to define our understanding of physiology from which our sense of honour and shame, law and oppression, heat and cold are derived. Judith Baum's theme is the exposing of the conspiracy and a reinvention of the female physicality with which woman herself is disgusted and which woman herself rejects.

Emancipation by cutting up the body of attraction, this seems to have been the logics of rebellion.

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Judith Baum's metaphor of liberation is also the anti-womb, the cheeky rear, a cold ass as deconstruction of the female, understood and painted as reconstruction by heat, esthetics and sport. Judith Baum makes a tremendous effort to claim her right to a body of her own. To live and let live is Judith Baum's theme and in this process it costs so many their head.

Strategien der extremen Rechten: Hintergründe - Analysen - Antworten

Ein Bild aus Afghanistan kommt mir dabei in den Sinn. Sie rauchen Pfeife, unterhalten sich, zufrieden mit sich und der Weit. Leichen sind Massenware, das Sterben ist individuell. Das Bild eines eben verstorbenen Menschen sagt kaum mehr als das einer verwesten Leiche. Beide scheinen das, was Sterben bedeutet, eher zu verdecken als zu erhellen. Eine Leiche? Ein Grab?

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Dort hing nicht ein Bild, dort hingen 18 Bilder. Nichts war eindeutig erkennbar, doch alles schien Erinnerungen wachzurufen.

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Was das Sterben eines Menschen bedeutet, ist nicht an der Leiche festzumachen, sondern an dem, was sie nicht ist. Sie bilden ein Gesamtes, dessen prinzipielle Unabgeschlossenheit durch die Zahl der Einzelbilder nur angedeutet sein kann.

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Die eigentliche Dimension der Arbeit von Judith Baum bleibt freilich demjenigen, der nur mein Buch kennt, verborgen. If one looks around in the contemporary world of images, nothing seems more attractive than showing the most often violent ending of human life. A picture from Afghanistan comes to my mind. The bodies of the former rulers Mohammed Najibullah and his brother hanging by the noose. One of them maltreated the torn clothes drenched in blood, the other uninjured.

Behind them the murderers in a comfortable circle, as if they had sat down to rest after a hard days work. They smoke pipe, converse, satisfied with themselves and the world. This picture that perhaps did not reoccur in large format as benetton advertisement only because it was published too often in the world press says a lot about the living in the background, about their lustful profession, the killing, but in its center it remains strangely silent, as if stunned.

From the momentary image of an in whatever way executed body dying as a process cannot be understood. Corpses are mass products, dying is something individual. Corpses appear as unchangeable shapes. The image of a person just having died says hardly more than that of a decayed corpse. Both seem to cover up rather than to reveal what dying means. To illustrate dying the image of the body comes either too early or too late. In the year Judith Baum went about to design the cover of the paperback of my novella "the death of the cabin dweller Ignaz Hajek".

The story is of a man who hangs himself.

What would I have expected of the cover? A corpse? A grave? An undefinable darkness? Not having the slightest idea how to solve such a problem I went to the studio.


There I found not only one picture but 18 pictures. And it was at first sight clear that they belonged together. Not that they all showed the same thing, but they used the same elements, the same colours, the same technique. Nothing was clearly recognizable but everything seemed to awake memories. The corpse was not shown in any one of the images and nevertheless was present in the pictures, as shadow, or hidden behind surgical gauze as if it were being prepared for embalming. The presence of death in these pictures does not want to be attributed to the familiar representation of a corpse.

On the contrary these pictures in the midst of insignia of frailty and bereavement try to remove the character of the fetish from the corpse which undeniably embodles the material dimension of death. What the death of a person means cannot be made out at the corpse, but only at that what it not is.


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Whoever is able to devote a corpse to its ritual usage, is bound to declare death to be the most normal thing of the world. The denial of death is no condition such as that of corpses but a constant dealing, ultimately also with corpses. Death cannot be captivated in a picture. Just as the mental denial in life needs a constant effort, because it returns materially through the backdoor, it requires a constant effort to break through this ritualistic cycle of its denial. This is the message of Judith Baums pictures along the lines of my novella.

If her esthetic language is meant to communicate, then she cannot pass by the symbols with the help of which we try to secure bearable relations with death. But she also cannot simlpy adopt them. This is how I explain the constant attempts and rearrangements of elements in these pictures. They form a whole whose fundamental incompletion can only be suggested by the number of individual pictures.

To depict all 18 pictures on the paperbook cover was not possible. However, if we took one out, the impression arose that the actual work were the remaining pictures and the chosen one only a sort of comment thereon which could be like this but also different. Nevertheless we had to decide. And therefore we chose one that by its representational elements according to the reading of the text would be decipherable for someone who did not know the other pictures. Sinnlichkeit als Anschauungsweise im eigentlichen Sinn. Christian Zitt Mag. Details unseres Lebens, die uns einst wichtig erschienen, verschwinden in der Dunkelheit.

Nicht erinnern aber, ist, wie nicht gelebt zu haben. Wunder, die in unserem Gehirn mit besonderer Leuchtkraft funkeln.

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Es sind oftmals Aquarelle, die ich in einem Arbeitsvorgang male. Carmen Marcos wurde am April in Jumilla in Spanien geboren. Carmen Marcos hat einen Sohn, der mit seiner Familie in Wien lebt. Juni von Er verwendet unterschiedliche Techniken beim Farbauftrag, transparente und deckende Schichten stehen nebeneinander, zuweilen zeichnet er mit Kreide und Kohle in seine Arbeiten hinein.

Er experimentiert mit diversen Materialen, wechselnden Strukturen und verleiht seinen Arbeiten hierdurch Ausdruck und Lebendigkeit. Kontakt: marita.