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A message can be huge, or it can be very small. A Message has a body , where the message content lives. It also has headers, which can be used to hold values associated with the message. The Message object is then passed along a route. A Message is part of a Camel object called an Exchange. An Exchange is simply a message or interaction currently taking place inside your Camel route. The real power of Camel becomes clear when you start using these different types of objects. Camel has good built-in support for converting between different object types.

In fact, for many common file types, you might barely even have to write any conversion code. Less time writing boilerplate code?

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By the end of this section, you will have already created your first project, run it, and begun to understand the power of Camel. Maven archetypes are like templates for new Java projects. Camel provides quite a few of them with each release. This make it easy for you to start new projects. Why bother with archetypes? The archetypes for Camel are an opinionated way of starting a new Camel project. In other words, they promote best practices. So I always use the archetypes where possible. Then, once Homebrew is installed, install Maven by typing brew install maven from a Terminal window.

Maven will now create your new Camel project. A Camel project created from the camel-archetype-spring-boot archetype v2. The interesting code resides in MySpringBootRouter. This is a RouteBuilder class , where your routes should go.

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The Maven archetype includes a sample route to get you started:. Here, you add route definitions to the configure method that describe each route you want Camel to create.

Apache Camel Tutorial - Dynamic Router EIP Pattern

For your convenience, the project also includes another Java class, MySpringBootApplication , which is used to bootstrap and run the application. This is a standard Spring Boot main class:. The demo project defines a route using the code below. It uses a timer timer Here, the interval is timer. The transform EIP states that we want to change the content of the Message. In this example, we use the bean method, which invokes a method on a Java bean a Java class. The filter EIP tells Camel to filter the message, based on some expression.

If so, we dump the current exchange to the log. From your Terminal or Command Prompt, run Maven with the spring-boot:run goal:. This will compile your application and use the Spring Boot Maven Plugin to run your application. If you want to run this project from inside Eclipse or IntelliJ, just create a new Maven Run Configuration for the project, and configure it to execute the goal: spring-boot:run. Then, every few seconds, you should see the text Hello World in the logs.

This is because Camel is triggering the route to be executed every few seconds. When the route executes, the message body is transformed set to Hello world , and then written to the standard output stream, or console.

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Instant Apache Camel Message Routing

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Enterprise Resource Planning. Operations Management. Real Time Communication. UI Development. Video Editing. Instant Apache Camel Message Routing. Route, transform, split, multicast messages, and do much more with Camel. Skip to the end of the images gallery. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. More Information Learn Understand the Camel message structure and how to access it with different Expression Languages Route messages using Content-Based Router and Dynamic Router patterns Find out how to use Camel components to connect to a variety of systems Use the powerful Bean Binding feature in Camel to filter out unwanted messages Understand the Camel threading model and how to fine-tune it for parallel processing Use the Splitter to divide composite messages into smaller ones and the Aggregator to combine related messages together Learn how to multicast a message with Recipient List and Wire Tap patterns Find out how Camel error handling works and how to use a Dead Letter Channel with retries About With new APIs and technologies emerging every day, the need for integrating applications is greater than ever before.

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