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Bernhardi obtained custody of Wilhelm after protracted divorce proceedings. Prominent in Prussian educational reform, he was in appointed head of the Friedrich- Wilhelms-Gymnasium. He died at Berlin.

He then entered Russian service , finally settling in Germany. He became a prominent writer on military affairs and was ennobled in Born at Claustal in the Harz. She was a precocious child in the Romantic circle in Jena. She accompanied Caroline and Schelling q. Sulpiz was born at Cologne. In the brothers attended lectures in Paris given by Friedrich Schlegel, continued in Cologne, and these founded their interest in the Christian art of the Middle Ages. He edited the Kunstblatt to which AWS contributed and was prominent in the campaign to complete Cologne cathedral.

The brothers sold their collection in to King Ludwig I of Bavaria q. Melchior, also born in Cologne, continued the family business and provided the financial basis for their art acquisitions. Born at Berne, he studied in Leyden, Cambridge and Paris. He died at Geneva. After a brief diplomatic career, he devoted himself to travel and literature. Succeeding his father as duke in , he entered politics and was successively minister of foreign affairs and minister of the interior, and briefly prime minister.

He retired from politics in On the second journey to Italy , she was married to Victor, duke of Broglie q. He was born at Paris.

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His father was guillotined during the Terror. After a brief exile, he returned to Paris and received a liberal education, entering the diplomatic service under Napoleon.

At the Restoration, he became a liberal member of the House of Peers. Under the July Monarchy, he was minister of education and minister of foreign affairs. He resigned from politics in Later, he was an implacable opponent of the Second Empire. After , he gave lectures on philosophy and aesthetics at the university.


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Born at Pillnitz, she grew up in Dresden. In , she married Baron von Buttlar, an officer in Russian service. He also helped her with portrait commissions in England and France. She was estranged from him after her conversion to Catholicism in , but they were later reconciled. She died at Florence. Born at Neuilly. He learned oriental languages, esp. AWS visited him in Paris, but their relationship was more correct than cordial. He died at Paris. Born at London, he went as a young man to India, rising in the Bengal administration, eventually as judge in the court of appeal.

He returned to England with his family in He presented his huge collection of Indian material to the Royal Asiatic Society, of which he was a co-founder. He corresponded with AWS from to and received him on his visit to London in He wrote extensively on Hindu law, on astronomy and mathematics, on religion, and edited a Sanskrit dictionary. He died at London. Born at Lausanne to Protestant parents, he was educated in the Netherlands, then at Edinburgh university.

He held a court post in Brunswick until forced to leave by the Revolutionary Wars. After involvement in politics, he was obliged to leave France for Coppet.

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For the next few years, he moved in and out of the Coppet circle. He met up with AWS again in Hanover in , returned to Paris and became deeply involved in politics during the Restoration, the Hundred Days, and the Bourbon monarchy. The firm moved to Stuttgart in In he was appointed tutor, subsequently professor, at the Collegium Carolinum in Brunswick. He was a poet and dramatist in his own right and translated widely, esp. English criticism and aesthetics, also producing standard handbooks of rhetoric and literary history, notably his Beispielsammlung He is best known for his complete prose translation of Shakespeare and for his compendium, Ueber W.

Shakspeare In , he used his influence to secure AWS his tutorship in Amsterdam. Died at Brunswick. In he was appointed professor of foreign literature at the Sorbonne. He was associated with AWS during his visits to Paris. Born at Rammenau, Saxony, the son of a ribbon weaver, through the good offices of a nobleman, he was able to study at Jena.

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There followed years as a tutor, including two in Zurich. In , he was appointed professor in Jena, where he was a popular lecturer and developed his system of transcendental idealism Wissenschaftslehre , He lived first in Berlin, and was briefly a professor in Erlangen. In he delivered the highly contentious and xenophobic Reden an die deutsche Nation in Berlin. In , he was appointed professor at the newly founded University of Berlin, and was its rector in He died during a typhus epidemic in Berlin.

Born at Hamburg, the son of an Italian composer, he studied art at Bologna and Rome, and was appointed history painter to the court in Brunswick. He was appointed an assistant professor in and a full professor in Born at York, he studied at the Royal Academy. Working for Josiah Wedgwood, he first developed the neo- classical outline forms that secured him European fame with his later engravings for the works of Homer and Dante.

He spent in Italy, and was thereafter a much sought- after sculptor in the classical style. Died at London. He taught natural history in Kassel, then at the academy in Vilna, before becoming university librarian in Mainz in In the spring of , Forster and the young Alexander von Humboldt q. After the capture of Mainz by the French in , he was involved in the Jacobin club, and was a delegate of the Mainz republic in Paris in After the capture of Mainz by the coalition forces, he was outlawed and forced to return to Paris, where he died in straitened circumstances. Pellegrin : dramatist and novelist.

After studying at Halle, he became an officer in the Prussian army.