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He is talking by shouting at us to get our attention. It is just the cutest thing ever. Besides melting my heart. These photos have made me remember something that is so easy to forget. And they get bigger. And those little things that used to bug you are gone and now there are new ones in their place.

First look- behind the couch. But there's only a red pencil, a hair pin and a lost scarf. The search continues behind the curtains, under the table, and past other family members on the stairs. Then it's on to the shower, the wardrobe, down the stairs and into the garden. The search ends after a check of the smelly rubbish bin and the dog house.

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Where was Isla Lu hiding? A story about visiting grandpa and discovering that people are never quite what they seem. Grumpy Grandpa is written by Kate Forsyth and published by Scholastic. Email Annie White for copies of Grumpy Grandpa. She is a little scared of him and his gruffness, but by the end she overcomes this fear and comes to the realisation that he is, as her mother says, 'a funny old teaser'.

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I am immediately drawn to the title and the first page- both the text and the illustration- it is an enticing start to the story plunging the reader straight in. The language is rich and descriptive, Grandpa 'honks like an elephant into his hanky' giving her 'ghastly nightmares'. The illustrations are fabulous and focus mainly on the girl- with her braid always flying backwards- and her grandpa in his flannel shirt and braces.

Although the words make Grandpa seem harsh and scary especially when he asks 'are you grizzling? Or are you singing? And they will respond also to the cheekiness of the story.

A great picture book to add to any collection. Charlotte thinks having a new baby in her family is like Baby Glue because it brings people from all around the community together to help prepare for its arrival. After all, it takes a village to raise a child. With typically gorgeous illustrations by Annie White, Baby Glue is an adorable and important book. Rizwan is a fumbling apprentice determined to prove to his master that he is ready to become a fully fledged sorcerer.

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But things are not as easy as they seem. This story is part of the Music Box Series and unfolds to the backdrop of the well-known music of The Sorcerer's Apprentice. The picture book is accompanied by a CD of the music with a narration of the story by Antonia Kidman. The poem was put to music by Paul Dukas in and is the basis of Disney's Fantasia.

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Tom Skinner has brought The Sorcerer's Apprentice into the era of the car while still retaining the magic and wizardry. As in the original tale, everything goes wrong and the sorcerer must fix all on his return. Annie White's illustrations are bright and colourful and full of movement. As with Skinner's text she manages to combine magic and modern.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice could stand as a picture book on its own but is also a perfect way to introduce young children to some of our literary and musical traditions. What Should A Horse Say? Is it the way you can swim underwater or do handstands? Clementine's Walk Clementine is intent on finding someone to take her for a walk, but everyone is just too busy. Clementine was very bored with nothing left to do. But he was very busy and didn't want to talk. But she was busy knitting and didn't seem to care.

The chooks were rather grumpy.

They didn't want to walk. Very suitable for pre-schoolers to five-year-olds.

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Clementine's Bath Clementine's family are insisting that she needs a bath. White's rhyming story rollicks along, accompanied by endearing and humorous illustrations. Gallipoli The story of a remarkable friendship and the battleground that shaped a nation. Email Annie White for copies of Gallipoli. Sometimes they got letters and presents from home. Stirring, significant and worth sharing, especially with school-aged children. Sometimes he growls.

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Could he be a bear? He is tall and round like a bear. He climbs and gathers like a bear. He even sleeps like a bear! The Prince Who Shrank There was once a prince who made everyone around him feel small. The prince thought about his big kingdom.

How did you get this so clean? The Ugly Duckling A mother duck is disappointed when one of her little ducklings is not as pretty as the other delightful four. The ugly duckling searches for his place in the world. Mummies Are Amazing Mummies are not for going shopping and finding Grandpa's glasses, they are for changing children into chickens and making mermaids out of sand. Daddy thinks that mummies are for going shopping. Mummies are for fixing things that are broken. Mummies are for making mermaids out of sand. Mummies are for planning perfect parties.

Review of Mummies Are Amazing from Aussiereviews. Noisy Nights Maa! Farmer Hayden couldn't get to sleep. The next night was noisier still. Farmer Hayden started to count.