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Throughout all of this, I only ate natural food and used ZERO supplements including no vitamins or whey protein. You just need real food. But if I had to attribute my success to one thing it would be to cutting sugar out of my diet. Whatever excuse you could think of — I made it. I wanted my workout regime to be one that I could do anywhere in the world and have no excuse for NOT doing them.

It was going to be because I was simply too lazy to do my workout and there would be no excuse, no way for me to hide from that — even if I wanted to — and every time I looked myself in the mirror I would know it. It was on me. As a result, we created a bodyweight circuit routine that required almost zero equipment.

The 6 Angry Six Pack Secrets Guide

All bodyweight exercises were simply using our body where we focused on utilizing the core, and stabilization muscles and all direct ab workouts were sans-machine. I worked out 6 days a week and all of my workouts were done in less than 30 minutes. In total, I lost 34 pounds in 8 weeks. After getting my butt kicked by Vic via Skype, I refocused, cleaned up my diet and finished out the rest of the weeks on a very strict diet.

When I started it, I actually thought it was impossible — I really did. So what made me successful this time around? Here were my key elements to success with six pack abs:. I was crazy strict on my diet. I have one of the worst sweet tooths imaginable. I cut back and I cut back hard. This level of activity is not only good for multiple health factors. It is what allows us to eat much more than moderns do, and to eat anything we can digest like omnivores should. The miracle of metabolism. One last point.

As with the dismissal of high carb diets as unhealthy, please get off your high horse a little. No Tescos to buy your Lard, Butter, cocconut oil, olive oil so how they some up with this is the diet we evolved with is beyond me. What we did evolve with is an ability to go into ketosis, i.

So then we come to diet, McDougal has on YouTube one of his patients who cured himself of fatty liver with the high starch diet, and other docs with high fat diet, good fats I understand are needed to release bile from the GB and so stopping fat could increase the chances of bile stasis right?

Totally confused, does anybody have any ideas for me … to clarify all this, please.

How To Quickly Get a Six Pack

And our understanding of nutrition, health, well-being — also, as never before. Saturated fat and protein — the backbone of animal-based foods — have barely budged since Polyunsaturated fats have increased by a factor of three. The modern fat-rich American diet is based mainly on salty, starchy, greasy snacks made with refined starches grains and potatoes and PUFA-rich vegetable oils like soy. What world are you living in? Until it is common knowledge that food can heal we are somewhat doomed.

Room for improvement? Hi Abel, I bought the audio version of the wild diet book. You mentioned a way to bet the recipes since I do not have the actual book. How would I get these?

Tip #2: You Can Eat Bacon, Butter & Steak While Dropping Fat

Thanks Ann. Hi Ann, please send an email to customercare fatburningman. First a bit about me, I was once pounds then I lost , then I gained about 30 back so that is my starting point around I lost it before by cutting carbs but I want to feel better doing it. That is why I am intrigued by the Wild Diet, couple of things though. I am wondering how cost prohibitive the food shopping is going to be. To be honest the idea of getting grass fed and organic foods seems pricey to me. Also another honest moment here. I love the cheat sheet in PDF format but once purchased is it acceptable to just skim the book for highlights.

Or any parts I really need to dig in on? Hey Kevin, thanks for sharing your background! I am just hearing about this eating plan after several years of eating a gluten free diet. I have some questions about the meat sources though.

In fact is rarely has any! Thanks in advance! Your form for the free gift will not accept my email address, saying that I need to enter a real one? Can you help me out?

Tip #1: 80% Of Fat Loss Comes From Diet, Not Exercise

Are you on mobile or desktop? Please email customercare fatburningman.

Any words of encouragement would be great!! I will submit my before and after pics once I reach my goal. Thank you for all you do to help others!

I have slowly been gaining weight over the past couple of years. Gaining over 60 pounds total in just two years. For months now I have been trying everything I can to lose weight. I ran and worked out and ate way less and ate low fat and diet drinks. The weight just kept coming on, I was so frustrated. I bought Abels book, did more research on my own as well and decided to start living and eating like I was born to do. Fatty Coffee, grass fed butter and steaks, fermented foods and bone marrow and even chocolate! In the first week I lost 10 pounds and felt amazing.

I am currently in my second week and have lost 16 total now and have never had more energy. Thanks Abels. Hi Abel, I just got through reading your book and I have just a few clarifications. My husband is thinking about fasting most days and then feasting at night.

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Is it okay to do that most of the time, or should he just do it a few days a week? For me, I have just bought protein and a green boost supplement. The protein shake has 5 total carbs 4 sugar and the greens has 8g of carbs 1g sugar.