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But it must be channelled into a constructive project. This statement is wise and apt. It is based on self-assurance, and the 'we' admits all those who want to belong to our democracy. But that doesn't ease the tensions.

Especially after such attacks our democracy demands respect for its rules and freedoms. This demand must be given force through broad-based social reform. Many people voiced their rejection of refugees and Islam on the Internet immediately after the Brussels attacks.

Such messages are counterproductive, the public broadcaster tagesschau. The goal of the so-called 'Islamic State' has long been to see Muslims marginalised as much as possible in Western societies. Those who have no opportunities here will be more open to the terrorists' ideas, or so the reasoning goes. It's no coincidence that neglected neighbourhoods like Molenbeek and the Paris banlieues are breeding grounds for new terrorist recruits.

The fanatics are deliberately blurring the fact that the so-called 'Islamic State' has little to do with the Islam practised by millions of Muslims.

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Those who do not want to support these terrorists should join forces with all peace-loving people - no matter what their religion. Those who planted the bombs in Brussels were not targeting the Christians and their God but the idea that Christians, Muslims and other religions in Europe can coexist either side by side or in separate communities without slaughtering each other.

The idea of tolerance and peaceful coexistence regardless of religious or national background - is this not the very core of a united Europe? An idea that now threatens to fail in the face of intolerance, exclusivity and panic. After the attack in Brussels the news portal News. The values, principles and democratic foundations of our society are not worth the paper they're written on if we're not ready to defend them. Europe, which gave the world modern civilisation, human rights and respect for freedom, has become a source of ridicule for the arrogant dictators with whom Merkel and her clique believe they can sign agreements.



Salvation does not lie in re-establishing national borders. It lies in once again electing people to Europe's top posts who have the power and the will to lead Europe to victory against the third Satanic anti-Utopia it has fallen victim to in the past century. And in the face of such blindness implanting a humanist sense of reason and decency, or teaching the difference between guilty and innocent, promises to be about effective as making a bomb out of doves of peace.

Nor does the extent to which Western policies are to blame for the terror in Europe make any difference, because there is nothing that can justify such massacres, whether they are carried out in the name of Allah or anyone else. This is the way it looks on 23 March we are at our wits' end; we are defeated.

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They're not easily frightened. Have you heard of Manneken Pis, their national symbol? I somehow get the feeling that the Belgians are adopting the same attitude towards the terrorists as the little boy with his long stream [of urine]. And this astounding lack of fear is tangible all over the city [of Brussels]. Direkt zum Inhalt.

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Tahar Ben Jelloun. Online payment model Content partially fee-based. Bill Emmott. Wieland Schneider. The packages were only discovered after a tip-off to the British and US authorities from an intelligence source in the Middle East.

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Linda Haase, associate vice president of the Jewish United Fund and Jewish Federation of Chicago, said her organisation was notified by authorities yesterday that the packages were headed for synagogues in the city. In Dubai a second package was intercepted on its way from Yemen to Chicago. It was found in a Federal Express regional hub and contained an almost identical device — a toner cartridge which had been rigged up with wires. Security officials said the packages contained circuit boards and a white powder in containers disguised as printer ink cartridges.

But no dangerous substances were found.

New York police commissioner Ray Kelly said officers removed a package from a UPS truck in Brooklyn, tested it for possible explosives and found it not to be dangerous. US security officials said they believe the packages were sent by Al Qaeda agents in the Arabian peninsula. The packages were created to resemble improvised explosive devices without the explosives. Later, two military fighter jets escorted a commercial airliner carrying cargo, originally from Yemen, from the Canadian border to New York City.

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