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Industry-leading proxy solicitation services with significant experience in high-profile, complex situations.

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Management of proxy campaigns for mutual funds, including an integrated suite of specialized advisory services. Information and insights on key investors, paired with strategic outreach to help corporations capitalize on relationships. Customized, end-to-end solutions that support crisis response for public, private and governmental organizations. Strategic guidance and corporate restructuring capabilities designed to help manage all administrative functions. AST is a tech-enabled, integrated, professional services firm that empowers companies and their stakeholders to achieve their goals through advisory, technology and flawless execution.

We are your strategic partner for positive shareholder engagement, transfer agent excellence, control of essential ownership records, and employee plans.

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We assist corporations in obtaining and interpreting key investor information to enhance their engagement through our expertise in corporate governance, proxy solicitation, advisory services, credit markets intelligence and more. We partner with professionals in the private, public, and governmental sectors through a wide range of services designed to help them overcome legal obstacles and unplanned events.

We provide comprehensive case management and administration consulting services for corporate restructuring transactions. Our approach streamlines operations and reduces administrative burdens. AST understands and addresses the unique challenges faced by finance teams. Discover our solutions and start moving forward today.

Debrief your team for engagement season on shareholder interests, board diversity, executive compensation and more. To deliver essential corporate services like ownership recordkeeping and shareholder communications, Corporate Secretaries need a strong partner with the resources and experience to ensure that nothing stands in the way of their progress.

AST offers the advisory, operations, and expertise to address a suite of needs, from flawless Transfer Agent and Registrar services to IPO and ownership advisory. We believe in staying ahead of compliance and regulatory changes, in fostering positive relationships with shareholders, and in using technology and strategic acumen to drive decisions. Discover just some of what we can do together. AST is equipped to support the goals of HR teams for both public and private organizations, and across even the most recently adopted equity products.

See how we can help you get started. In a highly competitive job market, incentive plans need to be a part of your company's road map regardless of what stage the company is in.

The S Curve of Business: Keys to Sustaining Momentum for Your Brand

For these matters, AST offers an integrated suite of services designed to help legal teams move their clients forward. Some small moves can go a long way to changing your money mindset—and lead you to goal-setting success. From selling unwanted items online to launching a blog, there are side hustles you can start today. Saving for a comfortable retirement doesn't have to mean a radical lifestyle makeover. Ever feel like your savings goals are out of reach? The case for multiple savings accounts Having multiple bank accounts can bring immediacy to your savings goals.

Consider opening multiple bank accounts to experience other financial benefits: See your savings grow to help stay motivated.

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One big reason multiple savings accounts work so well is they help you stay motivated to reach each of your goals, Schulte says. Watching each account grow every month can help you stay excited about saving. Get what you really want in life. Pay for your goals in cash. Keeping multiple savings accounts can be a great way to ensure affordability. Instead of charging what you want to credit, you can push yourself to save until you have the money in the bank. You earned it. Online savings with no minimum balance.

Start Saving. Online Savings. Ready for Better Banking? Meet Discover Bank Checking Account. Whenever customers search for products on Amazon, the search engine displays many similar products. When people buy products, your service can be offered as an add-on and everything is handled through Amazon. This is something I know from personal experience. We bought a ceiling fan and at the same time, I bought the installation from a local small company.

By choosing not to bid on certain products that are beyond a specific price point, you can still beat the competition on Amazon. Instead, focus on improving your rating by responding to all of the messages that matter, as this a sure-fire way to ensure customers value you as a seller and choose you over somebody else.

Thus, driving additional sales, even at less than your target price, will allow you to ultimately buy more and lower your sourcing costs. The best way to drive additional sales on Amazon is by using a repricing tool with price floor limits of course to constantly fight for, and win, the buy box. Are you ready to sell on Amazon? Better know the basics. For example, an inventory management system can help prevent overselling items, and order management systems can help ensure timely deliveries. Stock-outs and late deliveries can result in poor customer reviews, or a suspended Amazon account.

There is so much to unpack here that it would take a book to share everything, but focusing on the best-sellers on the Amazon product categories pages can help you know if your items are priced well enough to gain sales and profits.

They provide fast fulfillment and avoid oversells or cancellations, and as a result, Amazon rewards them with prime seller advantages. If your main sales channel is BigCommerce, you can segment your email list and visitor lists after a certain period of time i. Surprisingly, these old leads that might never purchase on your website but want your product and trust Amazon. You can start for little money with product inserts directing your most loyal customers to a Facebook group or website to grab their email.

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More advanced sellers with greater resources can run Facebook ads to a squeeze page for easy email grab using ClickFunnels. This email list is critical for future product launches and to create Lookalike audiences on Facebook. You can significantly level the playing field in terms of visibility against long-established competitors. FBA comes at a higher cost so a little Googling prior to doing this is best advise.

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Having an Amazon store as well will help to keep abreast of the competition, which most likely is already selling on Amazon. With more than 2 million sellers worldwide selling on Amazon, gaining the necessary visibility to succeed can be difficult. Headline search ads are pay-per-click ads that help sellers target customers based on specific search terms.