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In closing this article out, I believe that you should act to the affirmative in all of the areas to some degree or another. The sooner you do, the sooner you will reap the rewards. You can see him on a weekly broadcast of CBT News and read many of his published articles on various automotive publications.

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For more information call or from outside the U. Email address:. Hit enter to search or ESC to close. You are in a retail business that sells services and products.

Learn The Art of Service Up-Selling

For this reason, the experience your customer receives will have to match that of what would be found at any major retailer. You have to look, act and feel like a retail establishment.

Sell Your Service to Stubborn Millennials with Automotive Content Marketing

If they are comfortable with Target, or find themselves steering towards Wal-Mart set out to mimic the corresponding experience. Although all of those retailers are vastly different in what level of product and service they offer, all are bright, exciting places to visit. The have set an expectation that consumers expect.

New service and product displays are a must. It pains me as a retail salesman to walk into your service departments and literally get smacked in the face by all of the missed opportunity.

Service Advisor Training: Five Keys To Being A Best Of Breed Service Advisor

If you even have displays, as most do not, they are often so outdated and irrelevant they are more an eyesore than anything worth displaying. Your retail space should be used to generate sales and inform customers. For example the average tire stores have set the benchmark with tire walls that have 30 plus tires on them with three rows from floor to ceiling. All the tires are either mounted on chrome wheels or have perfectly fitting center product information cards. These displays are engaging, clean, and exciting! The bottom line is, if your displays do not look as crisp and sharp as the aftermarkets stores you will perceived as not being so.

Even stores that are low on space can create displays through the use of monitors and flat screen televisions. Quick lube or Quick Service. This is a decision that many have been straddling the fence on for years. The bottom line is you have to be in this business and the quicker you get in the better. You know why? Who else would be taking car e of my car repairs if it weren't for me? Am I supposed to wait for a knight in shining armor to come along and do it for me?

I don't know ANY woman who isn't responsible for her own vehicle.

I often ask my wife to come with me to the auto shop for our car's maintenance sessions. It's because she's a better listener than me, so she never misses a tip from our trusted repair man. She's just so enthusiastic about our car that she even asks for advice from her Facebook friends!

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  4. Maybe next time, I'm gonna let her do the car errands while I do the housework. Having specialized auto centers for women like Ms. Tuffy can encourage empowerment and gender equality. As we all know, women today can also drive their own cars as a symbol of their success.

    Why Are Millennials Less Worried About Car Maintenance?

    I hope Ms. Tuffy can employ girls not only for office jobs, but also for mechanical jobs to cater to their needs effectively. Thanks for posting, I love this idea! I have a mechanic that I love and buy everything from, including weathertech floor liners and repairs that need to be made. I love that more and more things are becoming tailored to women because more often than not, we are the ones that take care of things!

    Great post! Posted by: Cecilia October 17, at AM. Marketing to Women Online. Why focus on women when selling automotive services? Tuffy understands what women want. Here are some of the specific services they offer:. Wireless internet work space Mall shuttle Wednesday Spa treatments Convenient appointment scheduling Car care clinics for groups, offices, churches, girl scouts, etc.

    1. A Good Auto Service Advisor Knows The Value of Marketing

    Nice article, thanks for sharing. For example, educating the customer on various options for their Service often a good, better, best format is a great place to start. Also getting pre-approvals for small items like wipers, air filters, etc. What they CAN do is begin educating the customer about some of the products and protections we offer and let them know they can get more information on them later from on of the Business Managers. Building value, then letting that value sink in will result in higher closing ratios with our customers.

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    A very important item we need to mention — timing. Multipoint Inspections should be completed and turned in within minutes of the vehicle coming in the shop. We need to have results and an estimate built for the customer as quickly as possible, so we can present them to the customer while the vehicle is still on the hoist!

    Pre-Selling is ALL about building value in the inspection, and it needs to be the entire focus. An inspection validates what we recommend. If you try to sell something after looking at the car for 10 seconds, the customer will assume you just say that to everyone.